Çiya Sofrası

Ciya is a restaurant in Kadikoy. It is, actually, these days, the maine reason I would choose to go on the asian side of the city! There are 3 restaurants next to each other. One is a kepab place, the others normal restaurants. I think I didn't had such amazing taste in my mouth since a very long time. They cook specialities from all other Turkey, you can easely read the history of the restaurant on their website... so let's go to the most important: what did we eat!
The food is presented at the entrance of the restaurant. On one side the salads on the other, the hot meals.
Salads include traditional zeytin yağlı (vegetables in olive oil) like stuffed grappe leaves, tabule... and then lots of other little salads made of herbs, that most of the time I didn't know or could not recognized. The most incredible thing was the stuffed artichoke with rice, pine nuts and spices. The vegetable is emptied, they only keep the heart and then make a cup with the leaves.
Hot cuisine: again the selection is so big. Soups, plats en sauce... I had little bulgur balls covered with sesam and many other things that I can not really describe.
Sweet: off course, you can't finish such a meal without a little desert. The olive and walnut confit are incredible.
Anyway, I believe my English is too poor to describe all the pleasure I had in this restaurant!

Çiya Sofrası
Güneşli Bahçe Sokak 43
Tel. (0216) 330 31 90
Every day 11.00 - 22.00

Food: ****
Service: ****
Prices: ***
Atmosphere: ***

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