Homme Sweet Homme (merci maman)

September. Since Erhan was going to army I decided that I officialy needed company during winter. So after couple of days of research in the streets of Istanbul, I found Jacqueline in Tunel: 1.7kg, approximatively 2 months.
Recently Jacqueline started to be on heat.
Friday, I wake up and she's not laying next to me in bed as she usually does, the house is big she must be somewhere. Back from work in the evening, no Jacqueline.
Saturday, as I go out of the house I see a (only one) kid and tell him that my cat is missing. One hour later, when I come back all the kids (around 30 of them) are playing in front of the house. When they see me, they all run to me and start asking about my cat (the only domestical cat around the neighbourhood, they're normaly more considered as rats) .
The cat hunting starts...
We're about 15 (or more) to look for Jacqueline, age average 7. One of the old ladies tells me that there's a new rat, oups! cat in her basement. So we go there with Burak (9 years old) and after couple of minutes, we find Jacqueline. As we get to the house and especially since I'm being followed by 15 kids she rushes away from my arms and goes hide in another basement. The hunting party starts again, now we're only ten (boys and me). She managed to hide in the worth basement around which is basicly the container for plastics garbage of the entire neighbourhood. We decide to get in with the boys. Me 1st, I'm the mother. She's hiding more and more but the kids are imagining tricks and trapps to catch her, she must be at home in 10 minutes if we follow their idea. They are all trying to act like little gentlemen. They call me abla, give their hand when I go out of the basement. Unfortunatly she gets so scared by this crowd that she escape in the street again. We're 10 running after her off course. The boys show me all the potencial places where she can be hiding. They start climbing walls and so on but no traces of Jacqueline. The hunt is finished for today. The boys are trying to be nice with me, saying that they will find her and bring her very soon.
Sunday. No news of Jacqueline, I go out to have some fresh air.
Monday, 7'30 in the morning I wake up with some cat fights sounds coming from the street. I run outside in my pj's and I see 3 cats turning around the abandoned car in front of my door. I can hear her. She's hiding on the weel and those big cats are trying to catch her. Shameless males. She let herself get caught by me and we run home, enough of males and exiting freedom.
Since I moved to Fener, everyone knows me (I don't know everyone that's for sure). The kids are always nice and polite. They all now my name and like to shout it in the street when I'm walking, as if I was the super popstar of the neighbourhood. I feel very protected there, much more than in the pretty and rich district as I was living in before. It feels like we're in a village.

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Marielle & Seb a dit…

Chacun cherche son chat... !

GG a dit…

Salut MArina,

QUand est-ce que tu viens faire un tour du coté du lycée?
Viens me voir au bureau.... TU sais dans moins de 3 mois je rentre définitivement au pays ;)

Guillaume G.