Güllüoğlu Karaköy

After 2 and a half years in Istanbul, I still think that Güllüoğlu Karaköy is the best place for su böreği...
For those who don't know it, su böreği is a salty pie made of layers of flat dough (Yufka) stuffed in between with white cheese and parsil. Anyway... you can get an idea on the photo.
Back to Güllüoğlu. Everywhere in Istanbul you can see Güllüoğlu shops... BUT the only real one is the one in Karaköy (see map on the website). The little story is that Güllüoğlu didn't buy the copyright and got his name stolen!
The su böreği is perfect there. Soft inside, stuffed with the perfect quantity of white cheese and crispy on the top. You can have it with tea or limonata. After, as a light desert you can have a little baklava as well! Again... they are perfectly crispy!
The shop is close to the pier. They renovated it recently, unfortunatly! It used to be an old fashion shop with white marble walls and ground. But it is still quite nice with its wooden architecture and especially with all those big plates full of börek, baklava...
I must go I'm starving now...

Kemankeş Caddesi / Rıhtım Caddesi 83
Tel. (0212) 293 09 10
Every day 07.00 - 21.30

Food: ****
Service: ****
Prices: ***
Atmosphere: ***



Finally, it has been snowing properly in Istanbul.
The town became white, silent and empty.
In Fener, all the kids and even couple of scarfed women were doing snow ball fights!
We walked by the Golden Horn. The waters were greyish and the side bright white...
Everyone is looking from their windows.
It is very calm but there is a strange excitement in the air.
We walked in Istiklal Caddesi which was as full as usual.
We came back home by taxi... and were part of a funny slow motion race of cars on the snow.
Et puis maman m'a fait un pot-au-feu.


Little summary...

Well... apparently I'm late at giving news from Istanbul! So here's a little summary of what happened in the last year:
1. After years and years of being ignored by the Turkish military, Erhan was finally to go enjoy green for 6 months... bouh
He left to his military service the 12th of December and will be back mid-may.
2. I worked in a textile company for 6 months (I think I ll make a complete chapter on textile soon) then I found a job as a secretary (or something like that) in a law firm where I'm still working for the moment.
3. Erhan and I were living in Rumeli Hisari on the Bosphorus, we decided to move to Fener on the Golden Horn.
I guess everything needs to be developed but I ll do it yavas yavas (slowly slowly)


oh la la

Hi everyone...
As you can see there's not much on this page.
Hopefully soon I'll post message to present you my Istanbul.
By this blog I want to make somehow my own guide to visit and eat in Istanbul :)
Sorry for the french speaking... je connais plus de gens qui parlent anglais que français... et oui!
So! for all those who want to come one day, who already came, who live here... here are (will be) the adresses I recommand you!